Our Work

Equals Energy identifies and leases, licenses, or acquires suitable sites for renewable energy development.

Suitable Sites may include:

Impaired Properties

Equals Energy develops land-based systems on blighted or impaired properties, such as landfills, brownfields, historic fill sites, former/abandoned mines, and former building sites. 

This approach allows communities and property owners to transform liabilities into assets and relieves development pressure on open space, farmland, and greenfields. Our land-based developments are known as “Solar Meadows,” because we pair solar development with the planting of native plants that attract pollinators and greatly improve the environmental health of the local area.

Large Rooftop Areas

Commercial, industrial, and other large rooftops serve as ideal host locations for solar development. On rooftops, Equals Energy develops distributed generation assets including community solar, net meter, microgrids, and remote net meter systems. 

Our clients may have the option to purchase steeply discounted power from our systems or, simply, receive generous lease payments for, otherwise, unused space that directly increase their NOI.

Land adjoining Primary & Secondary Electric Substations

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) projects are an emerging technology in the energy space and Equals Energy, along with our affiliated company, Amp Storage, is at the forefront of BESS deployment.  BESS projects allow businesses which consume a lot of energy to realize significant savings by purchasing power at night, when rates are lower, and discharging power during the day, when rates are higher.  

This technology not only results in lowering usage rates, but also allows for the avoidance of costly demand charges.

Project Development

The Project Development Team at Equals Energy has over 75 years’ experience in the renewables space.

Once we establish site control, we work quickly and diligently to develop energy assets that are tailored to our client’s needs.

Project Management Team

The project management team has the capability, expertise, and resources to deliver the following:

  • Interface with Customers to prepare Power Purchase Agreements
  • Develop tailored Permit/Approvals list, schedule, and indicative budget
  • Source and negotiate full-service Professional Services Agreements
  • Create Proforma Budgets and provide monthly, quarterly, and yearly updates
  • Develop cash flow projections and Cost-to-Compete Budgets
  • Oversee the design and entitlement processes
  • Engage in Community Outreach when appropriate
  • Provide Public testimony at meetings and hearings
  • Prepare Bankable Approvals Package for construction, sale, or financing purposes 
  • Deliver ready to build Plans, Approvals, and Finance Package
  • Convey Notice to Proceed (NTP) Ready Projects 
  • Deliver ready to build Plans, Approvals, and Finance Package
  • Convey Notice to Proceed (NTP) Ready Projects
  • Build, Own and Operate preferred Projects that fit our Portfolio standards