Equals Energy is committed to environmental stewardship and incorporates this core value in our strategy and decision-making processes. As an industry leader and an advocate for responsible renewable energy development, we actively promote the development of renewable energy projects that maximize the environmental benefits. In practice, we prioritize our development projects on closed landfills, brownfields, historic fill, and existing built environment locations such as on industrial and commercial building’s rooftops and large parking lots.

Equals Energy’s leadership believes that development of renewable energy projects on properties such as farmland, vacant land, forests or other “greenfield” properties should be discouraged by regulators, developers, stakeholders and community leaders. Our principled approach to redevelop and reuse contaminated properties are generally more difficult, more costly, and very challenging from a permitting perspective; however, we consider these types of sites as better locations and the reuse as being more beneficial to the community as a whole, particularly the rural and farming communities.

Kipp Academy in Camden, NJ., and John Renz, President Equals Energy

Rachele Dorsey, Workforce Development Manager, Exelon Corporation; and Kieron Harvey, summer intern in the Sparks Program who is attending Kipp Academy in Camden, NJ., and John Renz, President Equals Energy ” at the Atlantic City Electric Co. / Exelon Sparks Program end of Internship Celebration at Atlantic City Electric Co. headquarters in Mays Landing, NJ.


Equals Energy firmly believes in Environmental Justice principles and seeks opportunities to deliver clean energy solutions with a community-centric approach.  We get to know the neighborhoods, businesses and local community groups where our projects are located.  We listen and value all the stakeholders’ input and use the information gathered at meetings and community outreach programs to improve our designs in order to truly achieve environmental justice.


Equals Energy strives to address Social Justice issues as the paramount goal of each individual project. Our core belief is for the renewable industry to reach its maximum potential, all stakeholders must be included with no exceptions. We strive to include all demographic groups regardless of economic or racial background. We strive to include all previously overlooked segments of the population including people of color or low and moderate-income residents. Equals Energy means equal access for all community members.


The climate is undoubtedly changing. We need to work with urgency to build clean renewable sources and construct resilient communities.