Equals Energy strives to provide all individuals and communities access to the benefits of renewable energy, regardless of household type, income level or other historical barriers that have existed.”  


We are solar energy developers, owners, and operators with the experience, resources, and capabilities to:

• Tailor energy solutions to our client’s needs
• Originate, develop, and finance large-scale solar projects
• Manage energy projects from inception to commercial operation
• Design projects, obtain all permits and approvals, develop projects, and manage EPC contracts
• Develop on many different property types, including:

  • Brownfield properties
  • Sanitary and C&D landfills
  • Commercial & industrial rooftops

• Develop net meter, virtual net meter, remote net meter, community solar, shared solar, and grid-supply projects

•  Ensure that maximum cost savings are passed on to our clients

• Deploy the most up-to-date solar panels and system balancing technologies

Equals Energy also provides free, expert, custom-tailored advice to help find energy solutions that meet the goals of many different types of organizations, including:

•Local Governments
•Private Industry
•Schools (public, private and charter)


Low-income households and people of color have, historically, been unjustly exposed to the negative impacts of fossil fuel generation and excluded from the benefits of clean, renewable energy.

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy has found that low-income, Black, Hispanic, and Native American households have a much greater energy burden than average households, meaning that they spend a greater portion of their income on energy.

Equals Energy addresses these disparities by developing all projects through an equitable lens, ensuring financial and environmental benefits to the communities that neighbor our projects.


Equals Energy has established strong strategic partnerships with several of the most well-known and highly regarded utility and energy companies in the marketplace. Together, we are co-developing a billion-dollar portfolio of renewable energy projects.